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Vany Ully – Doctor Prescribes Sticky Facial Fix

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Vany Ully Doctor Prescribes was taking a shortcut through the forest when she hurt her ankle. I helped her get her coat and shoe off so I could examine it, and it was indeed swollen. I took the pretty hiker’s information, then I started what I thought was the best therapy: I sucked on her beautiful toes!

Vany started feeling better right away, especially when I took out my big dick to massage her ankle. Then, to distract her from the pain, I had the pretty brunette get down on her knees and give him some love with her mouth!

When she showed startling improvement with this method, I had her take off her underwear so I could put my cock in her tight pussy and try and stretch her ankle out in every position I could think of: cowgirl, doggy, on the floor, on the exam table. It was a vigorous treatment, but by the end, she had forgotten about it completely! I told her to put something cold on it when she got home, and it should heal in a few days.

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