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Fake Cop

Olivia Netta – Cops Cum Makes Her Late

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I had given my number to this hot chick at the Cops Cum party the other night, and today she called in the middle of my shift! Turns out Olivia had a job interview at a fitness place and wondered if I could give her a ride. And she also wondered if I knew a good way to deal with nervousness. Well, I offered to come pick the pretty brunette up, since I’m a defender of the law and all that’s good!

And since I’m just a nice guy in general, I agreed a quick fuck in the backseat of my police car would be nice and relaxing before her appointment. Olivia has the most beautiful slim, tanned body. Long dark hair that brushes in your face while she rides your cock. Natural perky tits. After she deep throated my big dick, she rode me right there in the backseat.

I made her cum, then launched a massive cumshot across her back. She said she was sure she was going to get the job after that! Like I always tell people: if you want something done right, ask a cop!

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