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Czech Streets 95

Fifty Shades Freed Official Collection

There is a Czech Streets 95 feast in the Czech Republic, to celebrate the coming of spring. And this year will stay in my memory forever.

I went to one party in Prague and it was one great party! Amazing beer, beautiful women and great music. And Barbara, a lovely student who was selling beer there. She is a lovely, busty girl so I started talking with her and offered 2,000 for flashing her tits. She wasn’t afraid and showed them right there, with all the people around. All I had to do was to throw in another 20,000 and there I was, fucking this sweet girl on pallets. Barbara rode my think dick and came under three minutes.

And then she came a couple more times. I cam over her pussy and then returned her to the beer stand! What a great fuck! Take a look, my friends!!!

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